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Monday, February 14, 2011



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Thursday, February 10, 2011

You know why I love Fridays? Because...yes!!!yes!!!Right after Friday comes Saturday and soon after that comes Sunday and Saturdays and Sundays are weekends!!!

Right.So today my partner didn't come to school because yesterday she had a frog in her stomach stomachache...and I'm guessing she had another frog one today too..:(

Oh well,at least Mai came to sit beside me :) Thank you Mai!! I <3 you!! :DD and of course all I could talk to Mai was about cartoons and hey I love cartoons too :DD

She asked me to draw Gaara, who's in Naruto because he's "stylish" and "cool" but the problem with him is that he rarely smiles xD and I've got to admit..I'm in love with Gaara!! Mai, can I steal him? :3

So then we had MATHS and I came in late.Now,I know that's bad but the thing gets worse...:3

*With Priyankaa*
Me:Narwhals...Narwhals..swimming in the ocean...causing...a commotion.
Priyankaa:........beat a polar bear in a fight...narwhals they are narwhals...
Me:*SHOUT* Just don't let them touch your balls!
*walk into class**Gets stared at by the teacher*
T'cher:Come're late and what were you saying?
Me:Er...did I mention you look absolutely stunning today?
T'cher: *Smile*Stand in the corner.

Then a few minutes later Mai comes in...apparently late as well..

Mai: I missed you! I ran all the way when I saw you! You look so great!!
Me: Yeah and you have a cool shirt too :D
*Others arrive late*
Them: Oh my god,teacher..the history teacher wanted to see us..
T'cher:Oh really? What for?
Them:TO ask about our history project.
T'cher:Excellent question...So who called who?
*Syaza walks in*
Syaza:*gape like an idiot* Hello teacher.
T'cher: You're late...
T'cher:You're late to class *looks at us* *we shut up*
Syaza:I was filling up some form...*bla bla bla bla*
T'cher:Okay...go to your seat..Only you Syaza...
Mai:Teacher..don't believe her!!
T'cher:She's lying?
Mai:Agak la...

HAHAHHAHAHAHAH LMAO xD Epic Maisara Yusoff :3
Oh well...

TIll then,
       Peedobear :3
If you were wondering what song me and Priyankaa were singing it this
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

School started back today...*wipes tears* Anyways, I'm happy that I got my school diary that I  we were supposed to get last year. I thought our school really had cheated us...but I'm always wrong and this didn't make me 12:00 am in the morning and I do not know what to do...

I'll probably wake up next morning and realise what a douchebag I'd been to blog :3...And I'd probably delete this post if I..I...never mind...So today I missed TUITION...which isn't a tuition at ALL...because all the teacher does is just sit and teach me the binary system...0.0 Boring,right?

Well,I went out today so the poor guy had to probably drive all the way back home.How evil can I get? ANd why did I go out? Because...I wanted to get rid of my old,disgustin printer...LOL..I'm such an ungrateful asshole...yep...that's me...*sigh*

My last printer was Canon so I decided to buy..yes..HP!! Woo *Echoes Woo* and it is so awesome...and being the show off that I am....I also bought new cool speakers :D *Gloats* But I think I fixed them wrong or're probably thinking that the title has nothing to do with my life sucking...I didn't know what to put there so...yeah...

Did I mention that I vomited early in the morning today?*Sobs* Yes,I'm pregnant :) Nah..I'm just joking..If I ever became pregnant...the baby would probably my STOMACH...because I would purposely drink a LOT of water and then shake me stomach :DD...I'm not that cruel...I think I'll eat..No wait...that's lame......... ...... ...... ......

I learned how to make a bunny face and I'm proud..Wanna See? Of course you do!! *makes excited face*

( () )

Till then,
         Your House Bunny,,,(Yes the movie :D)
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Monday, February 7, 2011

BAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA...I <3 me...and too <3

Goodbye then,
 Stalking Creeper who watches Girls sleep at night 0.0
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Today I went to send my 3rd brother off to MRSM Baling which is in Kedah BTW if you suck in geography...
And soon as I stepped into the school...there was hotness everywhere.Every guy that walked past me made me stare at them..So HOT!!! :3

The first one was just so cute smiling and laughing.The second one came to ask me who was going to be admitted to the school and I was like *Nod**Point**Drool* Oh man...Then on the stage calling out all the teachers was the old headmaster (Whose speech made me fall asleep BTW). Then there was a moment when the headmaster called out a name and WOAH...the guys face was literally screaming "HOT"...Trust me, I'm not usually like this xDD

Anyways,back to their hotness...:3
All of their faces were oval,WHITE face,Blackish/Brownish Hair,Brown eyes and tall figure *Scream*
Damn...and then just before we left was a guy standing with his mom "Aww" and he was talking with a BRITISH Accent!! *scream..choke* He was talking damn the brits talk...but his mother was a malay so he was probably adopted or his dad's a Brit...Either way..Dirty Blonde Hair,Hot Face and smexy accent= SCREAM...

Sorry...I just got a bit carried away...okay..maybe a LOT...but oh well...

For now,

P.S. Have you heard the song? If you haven't...look it up on MyTube...haha...kidding...Youtube...yes,I do stupid humour sometimes :3

Narwhals...Narwhals...Swimming in the ocean....causing a commotion...cause theyre so awesome...yes I purposely made the font small so that you'll squint at it and try to read out the fonts only to realise that this was all a stupid waste of time so haha its your fault and I will not put a smiley next to this sentence because if I do you'll probably know its something retarded so till then toodles.
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

I am getting excited for no reason.Every year I create a new blog and I forget about it every time too.So lets just say you're very bored and you happen to find this blog and get ADDICTED  ANNOYED with it that you want to keep reading..go ahead...But let me warn you..the last blog I created only had about 5 posts...before I entirely gave up on ME....

Now...why am I excited? I'm excited because...because...on second thoughts...I dont feel excited anymore. I just want to waste my time typing and typing because I like to hear the sound of the keyboard..I AM what?? Like a famous person,Professor Kesha Stein, once said "We R Who We R" and thats the fact :)

Now I feel like I want to kill something...nah..that's just probably cause I...I forgot what I wanted to say..Crap...Oh by the way,I hate Twilight...I used to LOVE  like it but ever since I read Eclipse, I wanted to poke my tongue at Stephenie offense...

I like Harry Potter though...even though lots of people call it gay...I like JAM too...Strawberry Jam...Can you just picture yourself eating bananas? It'd be so cool if I could kick ninjas :F...Oh and did I tell you bout the time I wanted to own an ice cream truck?Never mind...some other time perhaps....

Till then,
        Your Mum
P.S.Haha that was a joke...they said it was a great insult...I don't know why though..Joking.I know exactly why its an insult.But you don't.I.WIN.Later losers...
Posted at 9:36 AM by Kim friend has just broken up recently with her -ex and now they seem to be at war. I just feel bad for both of them. The break up happened so fast ands o cruelly even I (THE ONE WITHOUT A HEART) felt sad for them. But now, the girl (Pia) id getting more and more depressed because her ex (Qay) is now "close" to her best friend. She's scared to break their trust and their friendship and so this epic war continues. Both of them insult each other in their blogs and it keeps getting worse and worse. Who knew life could flip you over and shake you till everythings a blur in jsut a few seconds? Oh god, hopefully everything will be back to normal again...and Pia...don't worry...we're here for you :)

P.S.This is why I never want to fall in love...and also the fact that love can sometimes kill...

Till then,
        Batman O.o